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    Главная / News / SPN Communications became an exclusive partner of TheNewsMarket in Russia and Ukraine

    SPN Communications became an exclusive partner of TheNewsMarket in Russia and Ukraine

    SPN Communications
    thenewsmarketSPN Communications agency became an exclusive partner of TheNewsMarket in Russia and Ukraine. According to the head of the Central European Office of TheNewsMarket Christina Kahlert, a new era in the relations between Russian companies and foreign media comes. Now representatives of the Russian business will have direct access to foreign journalists.

    TheNewsMarket is a unique content-hub that provides access to multimedia materials about international brands and corporations to media outlets worldwide. Companies can upload photos and videos in high (HD) and standard (SD) definition (as footage or edited, ready-to-release pieces of news), as well as texts and sound bites, on the website thenewsmarket.com. In the today’s global information environment, video content increasingly replaces a written press release from companies and brands. According to a research, a video is 50 times more likely to be posted on the main page of an online media outlet than a text. This is due to the fact that such presentation of information is consumed not only visually, but audio channel is also involved. This substantially improves the quality of perception, and helps to achieve any marketing goal of a brand. Today, photo and video content is key to broadcasters, journalists, bloggers and web editors around the world.

    At TheNewsMarket, a journalist gets free access to the entire news portal and has an opportunity to download all the necessary media materials for publishing, as well as contact the company directly for any details. There is no need in searching countless websites for the information you require to create a full-fledged material, and it is not necessary to travel to the venue either – a piece can be fully assembled using only the information the service contains.

    To date, the platform is used by more than 30,000 media outlets in over 190 countries. TheNewsMarket works with such clients as Google, Panasonic, UNICEF, Adidas, Intel, IBM, Rolls-Royce and Roche.

    “Today, a large number of Russian companies tend to deal with the foreign media, but up until now, journalists and brands haven’t had a platform to meet. TheNewsMarket’s presence in Russia became a logical step in the development of international communications. To us, the choice of a partner for this project was obvious – we went for the leading communication agency in the country,” says Christina Kahlert. “We have already begun working with a number of Russian clients, and I am sure that we will be able to attract a large number of TheNewsMarket users in Russia and Ukraine.”
    “TheNewsMarket currently operates in two languages: English and Chinese. We are developing the Russian version at the moment, and running an accreditation campaign for the Russian media.” She adds.

    TheNewsMarket is a completely new service for the Russian communications market. This resource is a platform ensuring efficient distribution of undistorted corporate information directly from companies to the world’s leading media. Placing its own content on TheNewsMarket, a Russian brand focused not only on the domestic, but also on a foreign market gets a unique opportunity of generating publicity in the international press without considerable expenses.
    “TheNewsMarket raises “media relations” to a new level simplifying life both to journalists and corporations. Now companies will be able to tell their stories to foreign target audiences, and the world’s leading media will receive high quality material. Partnership with TheNewsMarket is a big step towards the international media community, not only for our agency but for the entire Russian market”, says Andrey Barannikov, CEO of SPN Communications.

    Contact details:

    Ksenia Gorlevaya
    PR-director of SPN Communications
    +7 (962) 726 36 75