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    Главная / News / Russian experts at PROPR conference in Montenegro Networking in motion

    Russian experts at PROPR conference in Montenegro Networking in motion

    PROPR2Exactly 14 years ago PROPR Conference was born. It was first and only regional communications event back then. The conference was created when regional diplomatic relations were not yet established. Participants of this two-day conference will have chance to hear from top speakers with longtime experience in the fields of communication, marketing and PR.

    14th PROPR conference started yesterday in hotel Splendid, Bečići (Montenegro). It is the eldest educational event in the Balkans. PROPR is organised every year in different city and different country. This-year conference has gathered 200 participants and lecturers from xy countries.

    Both then and now, PROPR is held under the motto of networking in motion.  The conference will deal with many topics and in workshops PR experts will upgrade their skills.

    Great experts on this years conference were mr. Andrey Barannikov who held workshop ” Event as a Brand promoted Company on the market”. Some of our lecturers are Yanina Dubroykovskaya – WCFDAvos Founder and Content Director, President of the WCFA association, CEO of Top Communications LLC, Mrs. Julia Gryaznova vice president at Russian PR Association.

    PROPR Awards was given to mr. Sergey Zverev – Founder of the CROS.

    „Perception of communication values are not in focus of those who decide, but those who decided to invest in them are more successful than others. Unfortunately, in the region of Central Eastern Europe, professional standards, as their role and values, are different from one country to another. Our role is to be transparent and inovative. Financial crisis has brought change to regional media role. There is more media houses that want to charge for PR news. Digital media have growing perceptional role, but the fact is there are more then 8 million pensioners in the Balkans (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia) who are loyal to traditional media. These are all facts and challanges of communication messages“, said President Danijel Koletić during the conference opening.

    Danijel Koletić,

    President of PROPR Organizing Board

    0038598 417 108